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How much downtime is required for annual service appointments is one of the most often asked topics about auto delays. We will ship you a freshly serviced TRUBLUE Auto Belay approximately 10 days before your present device is due for service with No Delay Belay.

Our Auto Belay Maintenance Program is a premium service for existing auto belay owners. Retire the burden of annual recertification. Our service assures that you receive a brand-new, ready-to-install auto belay device before your existing one requires service. Simply replace your gadget at your leisure and return the old one to us using the included prepaid shipping box. Maintain your climbing facility's uptime and never miss a service date again.

To be clear, in order to meet third-party safety standards such as CE and ANSI, a device must schedule an annual service appointment. We take our dedication to this recertification procedure extremely seriously because TRUBLUE Auto Belays are life-saving equipment, and we urge that every TRUBLUE adhere to the annual servicing criteria. The warranty will be void if this is not done.

Having said that, we recognize that most institutions find it difficult to be without your TRUBLUE Auto Belay device for several weeks of the year. You paid for your device, so you want to make the most of it. Downtime with an auto belay is bad for everyone. The No Delay Belay service plan was created expressly to address this issue.

Our top-tier, all-inclusive service plan is called No Delay Belay. Although the major goals of No Delay Belay were to meet device recertification standards and reduce device downtime, it also provides a plethora of other benefits for a modest monthly fee.

What is the operation of the no-delay belay service program?

We will ship you a freshly serviced TRUBLUE Auto Belay approximately 10 days before your existing device is scheduled for service, so you won't have to wait for your service date with No Delay Belay. The new device will be pre-installed with new webbing and will be ready to mount.

A propane tank swap functions similarly to No Delay Belay. This is not a leasing program, despite the fact that you will not always have the same physical equipment. You own your TRUBLUE Auto Belay and can opt out of the No Delay Belay service whenever you choose.

There is no delay. All registered devices receive free shipping from Belay. Even better, return shipping labels are provided in the box, so all you have to do when your replacement arrives is swap out the devices. When Auto Belay comes, secure the return mailing tag and place it in the same box as the old one. I've completed my task! You're all set to start the new year!


  • Fulfills service requirement
  • Eliminates downtime
  • Lifetime warranty
  • You own your device
  • Includes new webbing
  • Automatically receive device
  • Shipping included
  • Maintenance between annual services
  • No need to store shipping boxes

No Delay Belay

  • 1/ year

Annual Service

  • x
  • x
  • x
  • x
  • x
  • x
  • x

Benefits of No Delay Belay

Enrolling your devices in the No Delay Belay program provides various benefits in addition to completing the necessary recertification criteria and avoiding device downtime.

Your regular 2-year guarantee is extended to a lifetime warranty as long as you remain a program participant. This includes each inspection fee as well as any required part substitutions. Depending on the type of webbing, you will also receive one gratis, pre-installed webbing replacement every year.

There is no pause. Belay relieves you of the need to store your own shipment boxes, making them more convenient (or ordering new shipping boxes if your present ones become damaged). Additionally, shipping is free, and returning items is now faster and easier than ever.

There is no pause. Belay makes it easy for facilities to recertify several devices at once. You may replace a full area of TRUBLUEs quickly and then return the old ones, saving time and valuable floor space.

Rather than waiting for your service date, we will immediately ship you a freshly serviced TRUBLUE Auto Belay approximately 10 days before your current device is scheduled for service. 

What is the cost of not postponing?

There is no pause. Belay, in contrast to annual service appointments, requires monthly fees. Another benefit of this subscription-based service is that you are protected throughout the year and are not charged for any unforeseen maintenance or part replacements that may occur between mandated yearly service appointments.

There will be no enrollment delays. Belay costs around the same per item after shipping and a webbing replacement as making regular annual repair appointments.

We created an extremely competitive pricing structure in order to get more of our partners to use No Delay Belay as their primary service package. This is due to the fact that No Delay Belay is our preferred service approach, which enables us to flatten the demand curve for service repair. In essence, our clients may reduce annual repair expenses and downtime (among other benefits). In exchange, we may provide better service with faster response times and make our great maintenance personnel' jobs more joyful. It's a typical win-win scenario.

With a hassle-free, all-inclusive program that covers all of your needs, our Auto Belay Maintenance Program offers the greatest care for your auto belay devices. Enjoy the ease of automatic device delivery and installation, free shipping, recertification, and a lifetime warranty. You'll never have to worry about missing a service date or struggling with device downtime again with our program. Enroll today and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that our exceptional service provides.