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If your target market is thrill-seekers who enjoy living life "on the edge" by engaging in potentially "hazardous" activities, our thrill product range is for you. These thrill goods can be used as part of a larger adventure package that includes a ropes course, or they can be used independently.

More than a wild adrenaline rush, the Roller Coaster Zipline is a new breed of ride!

The ZipCoaster is a technologically advanced yet environmentally responsible roller coaster that is designed to excite both adventure seekers and adventure park operators. Give your riders something they've only dreamed of: the ability to fly through the air, dipping and turning at incredible speeds, and experiencing euphoria like they've never felt before!

The ultimate Adventure Tower

The modular Adventure Tower is designed for optimal participant experience and throughput, catering to the booming adventure sports market.

The quickJump Free Fall Device provides an exciting amusement ride!

Operators of amusement parks, family entertainment centers, adventure parks, retail complexes, resorts, ropes courses, and other attractions benefit from high throughput and low running expenses. The quickJump is modular and compact, making it simple to set up and reconfigure to keep the attraction interesting.

Ziplines: let the magic of gravity do all the work!

Everyone's attention is drawn to the Zipwires! Today's fastest growing adventure businesses are zip line tours and canopy tours. Zip lines can be constructed across a valley, from towers, across a river, or through the trees. A number of treetop zip lines can add an extra dimension to camp programs, resort visitor options, or backyard entertainment! Visitors can explore far above the ground using poles, platforms, cables, ropes, bridges, and walkways. We can assist you figure out the costs and feasibility of a zipline, as well as design and build it for you.