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Our Nature Play product line includes the design of creative playgrounds for kids. Our children's playgrounds can be used independently or in conjunction with one of our Forest high-wire parks, adventure parks, or outdoor theme parks.

What is Nature Play?

What it says: spending time outside, ideally in a natural setting. Climbing trees is a fun activity. constructing huts Playing in or near the water. In their outdoor play, young children seek challenge and adventure, exploring for new locations to explore and transform. Unfortunately, the majority of today's young people do not have these possibilities. Skywalker has been involved in building venues in the Netherlands and Germany that allow children to engage in creative play for many years. As a result, our forest playgrounds actively assist some of the most crucial parts of childhood development: staying physically fit, developing social skills, generating interest in our natural surroundings, and, most importantly, having fun!

How can we renew our children's interest in playing outdoors?

How can we rekindle our children's enthusiasm for outside play?How can we rekindle our children's enthusiasm for outside play?Children enjoy being active and doing something. They are good observers who enjoy exploring and being challenged. Our Nature Play concepts address this by combining physical activity with an outside experience in as natural an environment as possible, so assisting in the development of ecological awareness and a healthy interaction with our natural environment later in life. Our Nature Play concepts are also well-suited to be incorporated into sports and activity programs sponsored by local, regional, and national government entities.

Our forest playgrounds are designed with general landscaping measurements that are carried out on site in complete harmony with the natural environment, followed by the installation of a set of basic activities supplemented by rope courses, ziplines, Flying Foxes, rafts, bridges, and other items that captivate children of all ages.