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The family entertainment center has evolved into a global concept where families, groups and friends can participate in different entertainment activities. Skywalker designs and builds Premier entertainment attractions for family entertainment centers, cruise ships, shopping malls.

Most indoor venues (Jump Arena’s, Mall’s or Family Entertainment Center’s) have unutilized roof space above their current activities. The ZipCoaster can be installed using the roof structure, bringing a new exciting adventure to the existing activities offering.

Aerial attractions such as suspended Ropes Courses, ziplines and the Rollercoaster Zipline (ZipCoaster) allow for unused air space inside a facility, to be utilized as they allow for activities to be placed underneath. With these attractions, an FEC can expect an increase in customer dwell time, additional revenue for group packages, low maintenance costs and minimal staffing requirements.

For indoor venues with limited roof height available we are offering a ZipCoaster lift system, that allows us to pull up riders at the beginning or during the ride.

As you can imagine every ZipCoaster design is different, and especially in an indoor situation. This is related to some of the factors mentioned above, and the location specifics (how can we attach to the building/roof, and what proprietary solutions we have to be designed). 

The characteristics of the indoor solution in the movie above: 

  • Ride length 140 meter
  • Roof height 11 meters, in total we are using 6 meters vertical space
  • The lift system is 23 meter long, the rise is 6 meters.

The construction budget for the ZipCoaster as you see in the movie is approx 94k Euro, this is a complete project price (incl. start/stop tower), so ready to operate.

If you require additional information on the ZipCoaster, read this article or use the this form to issue your request.