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Speedrunner is a continuous belay system without an integrated trolley. The system can also be complemented with additional products (for example the bifurcation), giving you many possibilities for the design of the courses in your park. Parts that are prone to wear can be replaced and are equipped with wear protection whenever possible.

In case of an emergency, park staff can easily and quickly remove the continuous belay system from the lifeline. The system is easy to install and the cheapest of its kind on the market.

Maximum safety
Speedrunner is a continuous belay solution that offers maximum safety for everyone. In case of an emergency, park staff can easily and quickly remove the system from the lifeline. All its continuous belay solutions are tested by TÜV Süd and meets all the standards for Switzerland, the EU, and the United States.

Optimizing investment costs trough best price
Speedrunner offers the best price for systems compared with high quality of its kind on the market. It is easy too install and you have more savings trough less connection needs. There are no extra costs trough integrated cable protection.

Low operating costs

The continuous belay system Speedrunner requires only little explanation to customers and reduces the need for course surveillance. This allows you to deploy your staff optimally and effectively.
Correct planning and optimal realization of your park also enhances the facility’s durability.

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Speedrunner continuous belay


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Fixation for lifelines. The holding force is up to 15kN. ...

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Fixation for 12mm lifelines, which is used for zip lines up ...

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Clamp that is especially suitable for installation on walls ...

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Bifurcation opens up the possibility of overtaking ...

103,00 €

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New, useful, fast and inexpensive - the adjustable lanyard, ...

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