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High rope courses are high-altitude climbing courses that require fall protection. Forest rope courses (aerial forest parks), in which individual elements are stretched between trees, are distinguished from entirely free-standing wood or steel systems.

Users of high rope courses can usually choose from a variety of courses that vary in difficulty and height. Everyone, whether a novice or a pro, gets the opportunity to test their courage and discover their personal limits at high heights. Guests face a variety of challenges depending on the course. Popular activities include suspended bridges, zip lines, balancing wire ropes, and grappling through stretched nets.

Individuals and families are just as glad to visit high rope courses as school classes, clubs, or businesses which, for example, use this sport as a team-building exercise. The shared experience fosters a sense of belonging, motivation, and mutual trust among teammates. A certified high rope course trainer will usually provide training and helpful hints for navigating the course. Participants can then climb the course on their own.

PPE equipment of the highest quality for your high ropes course

At every climbing facility, safety comes first. A lanyard, a climbing harness, and a helmet are included in each guest's basic equipment set. Gloves are beneficial in preventing injury from projecting strands.

The equipment must be inspected and used on a regular basis. There is also specialized safety equipment for trainers and builders. In the event of an emergency, appropriate rescue equipment is also required to quickly and efficiently remove injured individuals from the high rope course.

Thrill Syndicate is a forerunner in the production of high-quality adventure park items. We ensure that you obtain everything from a single source, whether you're an operational firm, a guide, or a builder.

Smart Belay- A revolution in the self belaying product sector
The Smart Belay X is a redesign of our legendary Smart Belay—now with innovative magnetic technology for continuous safety and maximum freedom of movement in your high ropes course. 


This ingenious self-belay system, which allows customers to climb on their own, has been used by adventure parks all over the world for years. The SMART BELAY has also featured a magnetic safety lock since 2021, allowing it to be classified as an EN 17109 Category D safety system, the highest grade for individual rope course safety systems. Without the use of extra tools, it is no longer possible to totally unhook. The benefit: increased visitor safety and reduced risk for businesses.

As rental harnesses, EN 12277 type A full body harnesses are recommended. In the case of a fall, they retain an upright body position, and the central rope point is used to attach a lanyard. There are specific little full body harnesses for youngsters up to 40 kg (EN 12277 type B). The straps should have a wide range of adjustment and be simple to put on.

Individually tailored details like webbing termination, movable hip padding, and elasticated straps for stowing the leftover strap improve safety and make handling in rental facilities easier.

Helmets for rental businesses must be both durable and easy to maintain. Hardshell helmets with a tough polypropylene helmet shell are appropriate. Ventilation apertures allow air to circulate continuously, preventing heat build-up. We also have an antimicrobial, completely adjustable strap system that can be readily removed for washing. You may also get your helmets ex-works with your company logo through Thrill Syndicate. More information is available in our customization idea.


Whether managing your rental equipment, documenting usage, or conducting regular inspections, our unique RFID devices make PPE management a breeze.

This not only saves time and money, but it also reduces the risk of error. The transponders are compact, durable, and built specifically for use with PPE.

Rescue on the high ropes course

Guests may need to be rescued from the high ropes course in a variety of situations. An bug bite might cause anaphylactic shock, cardiovascular issues, or overexertion due to overestimation. For example, evacuating due to a sudden storm may necessitate speedy rescue. In any of these situations, using a rescue and abseiling apparatus with a lifting function is recommended. This gadget can be used to elevate anyone involved in an accident and then gently return them to the ground, where they will be met by other rescue personnel.

Both passive and active rescues are possible. Passive rescue occurs when the rescuer lowers the injured individual while remaining at the top. A rescuer descends with the injured individual in an active rescue. These devices can also be used to evacuate a group of people (for example, from a platform through pendulum rescue).