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More than a wild adrenaline rush, the Roller Coaster Zipline is a new breed of ride.

Technically advanced yet eco-conscious, it's engineered to thrill both adventure seekers and adventure park owners alike. Give your riders something they have only dreamed about the ability to wind through the air, dipping and twisting at an amazing speed, filling them with exhilaration never before experienced!

The ZipCoaster is ideal for outdoor settings, whether it is used as a panoramic observational ride or a really exhilarating one. The coaster immediately establishes itself as a favorite attraction of thrill seekers and adventure seekers equally, whether they are visiting ski resorts, adventure zones, or theme parks. The Rollercoaster Zipline can be self-standing, suspended from trees, or even combined with an existing ski lift. It is highly flexible to the landscape.

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