New Ropes Course construction at Littledown Centre.
The high ropes area, which will be built in the Littledown Parkland using natural materials such as rope and wood, will consist of two different level activity platforms up to a height of 10 metres. There will also be a climbing wall of 12 metres, a drop platform of 14.5 metres and a zip wire over the Lake providing high thrills and a sense of adventure aimed at all ages and abilities from 5 years old through to adults.
The high rope courses design will encourage families to participate together in physical activity and can be used as an educational or training activity by local schools, businesses and community groups catering for up to 140 people on a full day programme.Work is scheduled to begin in the coming weeks and progress on the build of the high ropes course will be posted on our website. Key features will include: » Two different levels of course offering a high course and a low ropes course for different abilities » 12 metre climbing wall to test your strength, logic and nerve!» The Leap of Faith – a 14.5 metre drop » A zip wire over the Littledown Park Lake for the ultimate thrill

New Ropes Course construction at Littledown Centre. The high ropes area, which will be built in t...

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Skywalker: Concepting, design and construction of Recreational Ropes Courses




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